best ever cheese on toast


I know, I know. You all know how to make cheese on toast: make toast. add cheese. Not hard, right?

This, though, this is Tom Kerridge’s cheese on toast. Which means that it is the actual best ever thing it is possible to do with the combination of cheese and toast. I would not lie to you about this.

How to win at life: make extra. Keep it in the freezer. Suddenly remember about it 3 weeks later.

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chorizo and chicken empanadas

chorizo and chicken empanadas

I’ve been a bit stuck trying to decide what to tell you about this week. As you might have noticed, it’s chucking it down, and the earl grey blackberry ice cream I thought would make a perfect turn-of-the-seasons recipe suddenly seems completely inappropriate. Nobody wants ice cream when their socks are damp and they’ve rain trickling down the back of their neck, surely.

Even these empanadas nearly didn’t make the cut: empanadas are from Brazil; Brazil is a sunny place; it is not sunny here; therefore we can’t have empanadas. My logic is faultless, right?

But then I had a brainwave: chorizo! It goes in stews! You have those in winter; you can TOTALLY eat empanadas in October! Which is a relief, because they are a very good way of becoming more cheerful when the aforementioned socks are drip-drying over the radiator that you still refuse to turn on because that would be admitting defeat, also your gas bill has somehow gone up £16 over summer. How?

Anyway. Empanadas:

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smoky beetroot hoummous

smoky beetroot hoummous

I was in Portugal last week, waking up late, strolling along beaches and through wineries, toasting the sunsets from the patio terrace. You know the sort of thing, I’m sure.

If I’d flown back on Monday (glowering skies and pouring rain, complete signal failure and therefore train apocalypse), I think I’d be packing up and heading south. As it was, I’ve been back since Friday – so I have been reminded that it doesn’t always rain on this cold little island – but it already feels next to impossible that on Sunday I was sat at my garden table with a friend, eating lunch in the sun.

In retrospect, it feels like a very fitting farewell-to-summer lunch. I served this beetroot hoummous with crackers to scoop and some other bits and bobs, with elderflower cordial from earlier this summer, and it made a very leisurely-feeling lunch; the perfect way to start an afternoon of cider drinking and paper aeroplane races.

(I won.)

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