simple strawberry ice cream

simple strawberry ice cream

There are some foods that just can’t be improved. For me, strawberries are bang at the top of that list. They’re up there with peas, and broccoli, and nectarines: foods which nature just got right, foods which never taste better than when you just eat them, no matter how elaborate the pie, or gratin, or salad.

It’s for this reason that you will never see a cooked strawberry on this site, and it’s for this reason that I had to trawl through a solid 2 pages of search results before I found what I was looking for. All I wanted was a recipe for strawberry ice cream which didn’t involve basil, or crème fraîche, or – horror of horrors – condensed milk; you might think that this would be easy. You would be wrong. Also, guys, crème fraîche? I’m all for a healthy diet, but this is ice cream. It’s meant to be, you know, nice.

Eventually, though, I found this one. It’s got three ingredients – strawberries, cream and sugar – and tastes ALMOST as good as your standard, unadulterated strawberry. Don’t be put off by the almost – that’s really very good. I made four pots at the weekend, and we’ve eaten two already. But then, self-restraint never was my strong point.

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