pistachio biscotti

pistachio biscotti

I am so incredibly excited this week! I booked flights on Monday, and in less than a month (!) I’ll be flying across to spend the whole weekend with two of my very favourite people in the world, with nothing to do but drink wine and eat snacks. It will be bliss.

It’s a lunchtime flight, as well, so there’s a small chance I’ll be able to pack something tasty beforehand, not something I usually excel at.

Last time I went on a plane, I bought a chocolate orange. Then I ate the chocolate orange. The flight was an hour and a half long. I’ve no excuse.

If I manage to stop eating four of these every time I walk past the tin, there still won’t be any left to soak up my airport champagne with. This makes me very sad.

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raw cacao bites with ginger

raw cacao bites with ginger

I won’t lie. I’m not usually drawn to things called raw cacao and ginger bites. These, though, my friend made me as part of a birthday present, and they really and truly are delicious.

They’re also very handy for keeping in the fridge for snacks. It’s a lot easier to only have 2 of these than it is of, say, chocolate fingers.

I’m not sure I can persuade myself that they’re healthy (blah… sugar… blah), but they’re probably better than a lot of the other things around at this time of the year. Fruit sugar + seeds + nuts > processed sugar + hydrogenated fats, right? Of course, if your colleagues are bringing in salads and exotic fruits instead of cookies and twix bites, well, sign me up for the job alerts please.

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