kat thackray


I make things, and try desperately to keep my tomato plants alive, and mentally rearrange the garden so that I can fit some chickens in. If the sun’s out, I leap into the river or drive back from the seaside with a lap full of pick-your-own berries and a footwell full of ice and freshly caught mackerel. If it isn’t, I mostly stare glumly out of the window wishing that it was, and dreaming of peach cobbler. When I get a bit bored of alternately contemplating emigration and wallowing in self-pity, I wrap myself liberally in knitwear and walk along the canal to the theatre.

… this site

I cook. A lot. A few years ago, as a student, I decided to make an effort to try new recipes from my piles of books instead of living off of tuna pasta and spaghetti bolognese. The downside of this is that the really delicous recipes were getting lost in the ever-increasing forest of post-it markers and internet print-outs; this site is meant as a reminder to me of the recipes that I couldn’t wait to make again, so that the next time summer rolls around I can easily find the recipe for that amazing blueberry pie or tomato salad. I hope you find it helpful too.


If you have any questions, or just fancy a chat, I’d love to hear from you; just drop me an email at hellotinspoons [at] gmail [dot] com.


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