negroni sbagliato


This is a lovely cocktail, like a negroni (no surprise there, I suppose), but lighter in both taste and alcohol content. This is handy, as I quite often fancy a negroni at times when it’s not really appropriate to be drinking something that doesn’t include a mixer.

Here, the usual gin is replaced by prosecco, so it’s still probably not a lunchtime drink, but never mind – replace the prosecco with soda water and you’ve got an americano. Or, you know, there’s always lemonade.

negroni sbagliato
Recipe from Polpo, my new favourite cookbook for all things served on bits of bread.

I prefer the drink with just the one ice cube, in a coupe glass (the ones that look like a martini glass but with handily curved sides so you don’t spill your drink all over your shoes on the way back from the bar). Do you have a different way? Let me know how you make it!

For one:
5ml sweet vermouth
5ml campari
5ml prosecco (or white wine)
Slice of orange

Fill a tall glass with ice, and pour over the vermouth and campari. Top up with the prosecco, add the slice of orange and stir once.


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