vanilla almond butter

vanilla almond butter

I’ve been trying to eat more protein lately. It’s difficult, though; I’m far more used to worrying about the environmental cost of eating meat and whether I’m getting my 5 a day than I am about things like protein.

One of my solutions to all this is to put nut butter on everything. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, I really hate peanut butter. I mean really. I’ve tried to like it, I honestly have, but me and it – we just don’t click. This puts me at the more ‘rummaging around in health food shops’ end of the nut butter selection straight away, and from there it’s – apparently – a short step to making your own.

I know. I’m just as surprised as you. Making nut butter is something I’d previously thought only people who lived in communes did, and John won’t let me move us into a commune. He can be very unfair.

Thinking about it, though, if it was a choice between using my supply of turbine powered electricity* to run wifi or a food processor for 30 minutes, I’d definitely choose the wifi. Maybe it’s just me with the nut butter, then.

* they had turbine powered electricity in the commune in the book Wild Abandon; this fact represents 100% of my knowledge about communes.

Recipe after the jump.

vanilla almond butter
Don’t be put off, it really is super easy. Just very boring, and loud. If you don’t have a food processor, I wouldn’t even try this. Just buy a jar of almond butter and stir some vanilla in, maybe?

Once you’ve got the basics, you can do this with any nut, seed etc. I’m particularly looking forward to pistachio. Yum.

Makes just over one 445g jar

400g whole almonds, skin on
3tbsp oil; I used pistachio but anything mild would be fine
2tbsp honey
2.5tsp vanilla bean paste

Put the almonds in a food processor and run for AGES (mine took 25 minutes), scraping down the sides occasionally. Do not poke your rubber spatula into the feeder hole while the motor is running (I am now down one rubber spatula).

Once they’re really finely ground and looking like nut butter would if it wasn’t all stuck together, put in the oil, honey and vanilla and blitz for a couple of seconds more. Add more of any of these three ingredients until you have a flavour and consistency you’re happy with.

Put into a jar. Done!


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