italian greyhound

italian greyhound

Friday night is cocktail night. At least, in our house it is, and so it should be in your house too: nothing says “hello, weekend!” better than hard liquor at 5.30pm.

This one is particularly appropriate for what’s really still daytime, as it’s mostly fruit juice. Yes, there’s gin in there too, but the addition of pink grapefruit juice makes it much more acceptable to be sipping before you’ve got around to taking your work shoes off. The tiny dash of Campari brings out the bitterness of the grapefruit without overwhelming the flavour, and makes the drink a lovely pink colour. It also allows me to imagine that I’m a proper grown up, possibly one on the terrace of a pavement cafe somewhere in Paris. This is, I think, the main reason that I like Campari.

italian greyhound
Recipe from volume 6 of Canal House Cooking. You can use normal grapefruit juice for this if you like your drinks a little sharper.

1oz gin
2oz pink grapefruit juice
dash Campari

Fill a tumbler with ice, and pour in the rest of the ingredients. Stir gently.



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